How MarketsFlow solves a big part of the investing problems

Having talked about all the things to keep in mind before deciding to invest in our  blog “Investing: the basics” has probably raised a few valid questions. You are probably thinking: “Hang on, if MarketsFlow invests in the stock market, what makes it different to any other investing tool or asset manager?”  That is a […]

Investing: the basics

There is a lot of talk out there about “investing”, but for many of us knowing the different ways to invest, what is right for us and how to make the first step is still a topic shrouded in vagueness. So, to get some answers and make things simpler, we will be looking into the […]

MarketsFlow is winner of “Best Technology for Programmatic Trading 2019” – An award 3rd year in a row!

It is great to see that leading the change in how to manage a portfolio gets the recognition from top industry experts. In 2018 MarketsFlow worked hard to help clients get the best possible returns from their portfolios and outperformed the industry during volatility. Our main goal is to actively optimise our client’s portfolios using […]

Sell-off? Navigate the turbulent markets with MarketsFlow and protect your portfolio

In the past few days the markets have had a steep downturn taking many investors by surprise with their downward momentum. Some stocks are claimed to have already entered the bear market while there is an alleged expectation that markets might not have seen their worst performance yet. So, what is an investor to do […]

MarketsFlow is authorized by the FCA as an Investment Advisor and Investment Manager

Dear all, We are absolutely delighted to be able to share this news, this is a moment everyone at MarketsFlow has been waiting for a long time! More than a year of the FCA testing our system and ensuring everything is in place for compliance have come to fruition. We can now proudly announce that MarketsFlow […]