MarketsFlow is approved by SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor

Dear MarketsFlow team and Shareholders, I am simply over the moon to inform you that MarketsFlow is approved by SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor. Let us put this into perspective, we have been approved to serve 50 States a market worth $26 trillion plus and growing. Generally you would need plus $25M-$100M AUM to […]

I feel very proud for MarketsFlow having won an award for the second year in a row in New York!

As I travel from New York city to our amazing Boston office, I could not be more ecstatic for MarketsFlow having won the “Best broker-dealer research” award at Fund Technology and WSL 2018 in NY – second year in row. Our fine firm is going from strength to strength, and I cannot wait for us to […]

Congratulations, MarketsFlow, Inc. is now registered in State of Massachusetts – Next Steps!

We are pleased to inform you that MarketsFlow, Inc. has now officially been registered in the State of Massacussetts. Please see below: Our FEIN (Federal EMployer Identification Number) has been filed and takes 7-14 days. Once we receive that, MarketsFlow, Inc. we will become a subsidiary of MarketsFlow Ltd by nominating MarketsFlow Ltd as […]

Update: MarketsFlow Inc. filed in the state of Massachusetts, FCA Update!

I would like to share some further good news. Yesterday, we filed MarketsFlow Inc. in the state of Massachusetts with our following office address: One International Place Suite 1400 Boston, MA 02110 We have also had a very promising update from FCA that a Case worked will be dedicated to MarketsFlow’s advisory application by Monday […]

MarketsFlow nominated in 6 categories for Fund Technology and WSL Awards 2018 in New York!

We are honoured and delighted to announce that MarketsFlow has been nominated for awards in 6 categories for Fund Technology and WSL Awards 2018 in New York, alongside some of the biggest names in Fund Management, Capital Markets, Market Data and Asset Management. We are shortlisted for: Best broker-dealer research alongside ChartIQ, Mischler Financial Group, Sandler […]

MarketsFlow’s plans to be the first Crowdcube Unicorn – Register for Investor Relations updates – Less than 10 hours to go!!

With a game changing platform using ML and AI driven Investment Management, it is no secret that we have set our goals high. Read here to find out why we plan to be the first Unicorn from Crowdcube. We have received numerous requests to continue our exciting Investor Updates, and as we scale MarketsFlow, it is only […]

MarketsFlow 215% OVERFUNDED – Less than 30 hours to go – Big 2017 and even Bigger 2018 !!

Wow, what an amazing year 2017 was and 2018 is going to get a lot bigger! In 2017 we rolled our game changing INTELLIGENT Robo-Advisor which optimises portfolios for the retail and institutional investors. This is akin to auto-pilot or autonomous cars – so make no mistake, this is the future of Wealth/Asset Management and […]

Further developing update and expansion opportunity – DIFC and potential JV opportunity!

As we mentioned in our earlier announcement, a game changing platform like MarketsFlow must continue with sustained momentum both at a strategic and operational level. On the same note we want to share some further developing good news. DIFC had visited our offices in London back in September ’17 to share their vision for running […]

MarketsFlow US expansion – major update: a very pleasant SEC regulatory surprise!!

Life at MarketsFlow HQ could not have been busier for the last few days, we have been constantly engaged with advisors from legal , taxation, formation, compliance and office location companies in Boston. The response from the legal and taxation firms has been very impressive, and they are keenly looking forward to working with MarketsFlow […]