MarketsFlow is approved by SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor

Dear MarketsFlow team and Shareholders, I am simply over the moon to inform you that MarketsFlow is approved by SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor. Let us put this into perspective, we have been approved to serve 50 States a market worth $26 trillion plus and growing. Generally you would need plus $25M-$100M AUM to […]

I feel very proud for MarketsFlow having won an award for the second year in a row in New York!

As I travel from New York city to our amazing Boston office, I could not be more ecstatic for MarketsFlow having won the “Best broker-dealer research” award at Fund Technology and WSL 2018 in NY – second year in row. Our fine firm is going from strength to strength, and I cannot wait for us to […]

Congratulations, MarketsFlow, Inc. is now registered in State of Massachusetts – Next Steps!

We are pleased to inform you that MarketsFlow, Inc. has now officially been registered in the State of Massacussetts. Please see below: Our FEIN (Federal EMployer Identification Number) has been filed and takes 7-14 days. Once we receive that, MarketsFlow, Inc. we will become a subsidiary of MarketsFlow Ltd by nominating MarketsFlow Ltd as […]