Everything in life starts with a dream…

Everything in life starts with a dream…

We all have dreams. Small dreams. Big dreams. It’s part of what makes us human – what makes us alive. Human beings are designed to dream, to set goals and to have aspirations to achieve more in their life.

By definition, a “dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. It is a strongly desired goal or purpose that we want to fulfill in life.” As we are all different, so are our dreams. Some people have long-term dreams like buying a dream house in an exotic destination, pursuing a dream career or starting a new business adventure. Some are dreaming of getting married to the special ”one”, travelling all around the world or starting a family. One thing is certain. We are all dreamers wishing to accomplish new things in life.

Strowz was brought to the world for that specific reason: making your dreams a reality. The app allows you to create multiple Savings Buckets to fulfill your dreams and live better and fuller lives. As Steve Jobs once says:  “Each dream you leave behind is a part of your future that will no longer exist.” To dream is to live.

Strowz is the bridge to your dreams by making savings fun, so you can make your dreams come true. Start Now. Create your dreams & Savings Buckets in Strowz App and let us make it happen for you.

With love & hope,

The Strowz Team 🌸