Launch of Strowz Advisory Platform:

Launch of Strowz Advisory Platform:

At Strowz, we are best known for our continuous innovation in the field of investment management. Our latest products Stock Signal Manager and Virtual Portfolio Manager are using complex data science in helping DIY investors improve their trading decisions.

The explosion in Do-it-yourself investing is quite evident with recent surge in significant growth numbers highlighted by major brokers like Robinhood and Schwab.

We think that this trend is going to continue and we want to provide the best tools for investors to realise profits and grow their portfolios. Our three times award winning platform generates data driven signal to improve portfolio performance by systematically realising profits ensuring optimal trade positions.

We have significantly improved the stock Buy/Sell signals across a range of S & P industries helping traders realise optimal diversification strategies in different volatility ranges.

Our future plans:

Our Managed Investments product will continue to grow albeit with some notable changes like raising our minimum investment account sizes etc.

Our Stock Advisory platform is aimed at existing and new DIY investors or clients who do not meet our future minimum investment account requirements.

Using Machine Learning and AI, we harness the power of data science to generate Buy and Sell signals across different industries for traders to make important decisions around investing. The varying signal strength denotes the potential momentum breakout or breakdown of the stock helping traders set optimal position sizes.

Investing requires a focused strategy, and strategy requires data input to formulate ideas for trading decisions. Whilst there are non-synthesised data sources which are freely available to anyone making trading decisions, they do not provide the holistic picture around cyclical behaviour of the indices, sectors, individual stocks, VIX relationship, reversions, mean-reversions and many other macro and micro factors affecting individual stock price behaviour.

With Strowz Advisory platform, we synthesise vast amount of raw input data and apply Machine Learning and AI to generate specific actionable signals to help generate input decisions saving traders time and money so that they can focus on building and executing their individual strategies.

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