Living by design & purpose on Strowz

Living by design & purpose on Strowz

– ”A life lived in fear is a life half lived”- Spanish Proverb

To live is to feel alive every day. Our lives should be about living experiences, adventures and dreams. We are born to love, laugh, seek new ways of doing things, grow and connect with others. This is why we decided to build Strowz as a life platform to help people design their financial life and grow their money to live their dreams. After all, a perfect life should be about making your dreams come true.

Sometimes, all we need is the right tool to make it happen. We believe everything starts with a dream and a Savings Bucket. Remember, savings should always be about living dreams. From travelling to an exotic destination, learning new skills, saving for the best education, saving for your dream wedding day or your new home, all of our dreams can be organised easily into Savings Buckets. 

Strowz is the only award-winning App that enables you to design your financial life based on 8 Savings categories which define most of your life’s dreams and goals.

Strowz Dreams Concierge

With Strowz, save money on a regular basis and organise your dreams and savings based on the concierge. Choose from Travel, Entertainment, Home, Charity, Shopping, Wellness, Learning and Life Events to save and make your dreams a reality.

Whilst saving money for your dreams, you earn 2% interest with Premium Account subscription to grow your savings even faster.

Let’s start living with purpose to turn our savings into living experiences.

You can download Strowz App from App Store or Google Play and start designing your life and your Savings Buckets to live your dream life in the near future.

Happy Strowzing!

With love & hope,

Catherine 🌸