MarketsFlow Accessible portfolios, why are they so important?

MarketsFlow Accessible portfolios, why are they so important?

When we decide to invest in the stock market we do so to get returns – make a profit. There are – I imagine – very few who invest only for the excitement of choosing, buying and selling stocks and are happy losing money!

Here we are clearly focusing on the returns. After all, this is the main reason we created MarketsFlow’s intelligent platform, to give investors the opportunity of achieving the best results possible from their investment.

And there are again big improvements coming to our platform as we move over to the “Accessible Portfolios”.


So what are accessible portfolios?

Imagine being able to invest a small amount – as little as £10 – and still experience the results a large investment has.

By a large investment we mean a portfolio of stocks, shares, options and other trading instruments – depending on the product you chose – that are optimally traded to navigate the market conditions. These larger portfolios (investments) are usually upwards of 300K.

And you are right, not everyone has or is willing to invest 300K in the stock market!


Why are accessible portfolios so important?

The principle is that a more substantial investment can create a better-balanced portfolio including a larger number of the top performing, quality shares that will inherently have a higher price. This higher price will exclude them from being added to any smaller value portfolio (investment).

The other benefit of a larger investment is that it can afford to be more varied in terms of different company stocks and other trading instruments. Think of it as a safety net, where when stocks are moving up or down at different speeds, this variety helps balance extreme movements.

Not that we are expecting extreme movements in our stocks when guided by the MarketsFlow platform, but even smaller variations are averaged out.

Now a smaller investment, compared to the 300K – let’s say 3K – can only buy a small number of different stocks and any change to the value of stocks will affect the portfolio in a big way.

With the use of the accessible portfolio where all investments are managed as one large investment, you do not only benefit from the safety that a varied stock allocation provides (allowing optimal balancing and re-balancing of your portfolio), but you also reap the far better results that this way of portfolio managing brings with it.


How can I  invest in the accessible portfolios?

Our newly launched “invest from £10” product makes it easy to access this larger investment portfolio and all its benefits so you can reap the rewards!

You can sign up for our “invest from £10” accessible portfolio product here on our web platform or on our MarketsFlow app for Android or iOS  to try it out!


Rewards on your investment when opening your account

As a thank you for opening your account, MarketsFlow will deposit a free “bonus” amount on top of your first investment! The returns will be calculated on your deposit + the bonus amount to help you achieve your goals a little faster.

So, if you open an account with  £2000, MarketsFlow will deposit an extra  “bonus” £25 to your account.
If you open an account with £50, MarketsFlow will deposit an extra  “bonus” £0.38  to your account.

You can see all the rewards you will get for different deposit amounts here.


If you have any questions please contact us, we are glad to get the feedback!.

Thank you for reading!

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