Power to the crowd, tell us what YOU think about our valuation!

Power to the crowd, tell us what YOU think about our valuation!

Thank you for the huge support we have had so far from our investors, shareholders and the future ambassadors of MarketsFlow. With 202 investors on-board, 74% into our campaign and 23 days to go, we are truly excited about the times that lie ahead.

Majority of our investors, will also end up becoming our clients, and the platform will hopefully change their lives too, from their investment portfolios’ perspective.

Our growth and expansion plans have the Crowd at its core, not only do we want to change investment management to be a scientific process, but we want you to be truly, a part of it.

Therefore, we want to give you the opportunity, to raise your views/concerns regarding the valuation for MarketsFlow.

If you have not invested yet, and you like what we are doing in terms of  building tomorrow’s wealth management platform, and you have valuation concerns, then we want to hear from you.

We do want you to consider the following though:

  • After 14 months of laborious development we launched MarketsFlow platform.
  • From the functionality perspective, It is far more advanced than any of the other systems which exist out there. In fact we do not have a direct competition.
  • The industry is calling out for the future which will be driven by AI/ML. Please see our twitter feed to read about industry news and google it.
  • Number of institutional partnership interests, and pre-interest from retail clients
  • We have undergone the exhaustive MIFID (article 3 exempt) application for FCA wholesale/Advisory.
  • Our Portfolios managed on MarketsFlow are exemplary in terms of returns, risk management, volatility and maximum drawdowns.
  • We have a clearly defined vision, and detailed plans on how to execute.
  • We are fully accustomed to bootstrapping and lean development strategies, and can be agile to adapt to the challenges that lie ahead. Something which cannot be said for some of our indirect competitors.

If you feel that you have strong views/concerns regarding our valuation, please do raise them on this discussion forum, on our blog or anonymously at tom@marketsflow.com

We want to listen to our investors, potential new ones, and existing ones.

Together,  we intend to build MarketsFlow, which is going to help shape the future of wealth management.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards

Tom & MarketsFlow team


Risk Warning: Any financial performance figures refer to the past and that past performance is not a reliable indicator of or forms a guarantee for future results. For detailed Risk Warning click here.