Refer a friend

When we launched MarketsFlow in 2017, we wanted a better way for people to invest, providing better returns, and while reducing the traditional barriers you’d see in finance like high minimum amounts to invest.

It’s been a crazy couple of years. From launching our mobile app and accessible portfolios in 2019, our record-breaking 25.6% returns in 2018, to letting people invest from £10, along with our FCA licence and FSCS membership. We’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come.

But our job isn’t done. We want to help more people get more out of their money – but we need your help.

Today, we’re pleased to launch our referral scheme. 

The scheme is designed to not only reward new customers but rewarding you equally for referring.

We’ll immediately give you 1% after a successful referral, and 1% to whoever you’ve referred after they’ve kept their account open for 6-months and not withdrawn their initial deposit. For more details see our terms and conditions

Nothing quite like free money 😉

How to refer

  1. Tap on the Accounts Tab
  2. Send a Referral Code
  3. Either copy the code and send to a friend, or email the friend directly
  4. As soon as that friend has signed up and kept their account open for 6 months, you and they will receive the extra 1%

Please note that the bonus amount + the returns from that amount can only be withdrawn from your account 6 months after your first deposit. Your actual deposit amount can be withdrawn at any time as per our Terms and Conditions.


As always with any investment, capital is at risk. See our disclaimer here.