Saturday night is entertainment night on Strowz! 🌈

Saturday night is entertainment night on Strowz! 🌈

Saturday is a dedicated day to reset from our busy lives, to enjoy good times with family & friends and to make fun plans for the weekend. Some choose to stay at home (most of us right now with the reality of the pandemic!), some choose to explore the city, some travel with friends or the kids, but each one of us is looking to experience the pleasures of life.

I believe everything starts with entertainment, from a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant to an immersive theatre evening. The show must go on…

Today, I am feeling inspired to create my entertainment Savings Bucket on Strowz, to realise it in reality. I always wanted to experience the 2021 Moulin Rouge Broadway in London, and here I am entering this dream as my new Savings Buckets on Strowz App.

I just can’t wait to live that dream and to see my savings growing in the next year.

No matter what your dreams are, how small or big, let’s realise them in the near future.

With love & hope,

Catherine 🌸