Strowz crowdfunding campaign is now live and overfunding at 120% on Seedrs!

Strowz crowdfunding campaign is now live and overfunding at 120% on Seedrs!

We are very pleased to announce that Strowz crowdfunding campaign is now live on Seedrs. After months of sustained efforts and innovation, we are excited to share that our current round is overfunding at 120% on its first day of launch. With more than £2M AUM deposited and £3.6M in targeted Savings Buckets, Strowz has evolved from an investment only App to offering an all-in-one financial lifestyle App offering savings and investment accounts, as well as open banking and innovative round-ups.

Whilst last year has been great in optimising our investment portfolios and launching industry leading savings products, we see this strategic round as the platform to catapult our growth in users in the UK. We already have commitment from an institutional investor for this round who will also be making follow-up investments in future rounds. They will also be partnering with us for our expansion in Canada later this year.

We are happy to bring the revolution of saving & investing to the world to help transform lives and grow users’ money with 2% interest on savings. Strowz users love to dream, save, invest and grow their money for big dreams, such as house purchase, wedding, dream travel, retirement, etc. In reality, what we bring is a fresh innovative approach to good old savings. We also plan to use creative and immersive marketing campaigns to grow our user numbers with new account incentives, word of mouth referrals, advertising and strategic partnerships to bring value to our users.

We would love to count you in to support our next phase of growth with mass market appeal product to make dreams a reality.

Let’s bring joy, hope and spirit into fintech in this new world!

To invest, please see our campaign details here: – Capital at risk.

With love & hope,