What are the benefits of Savings Buckets on Strowz?

What are the benefits of Savings Buckets on Strowz?

Before we dive straight into the benefits of why you should create Strowz Savings Buckets, it is best to explain that when we were developing our Savings products we looked at the wider market and had a simple objective in mind: Make our users’ dreams come true in terms of savings.

Here is how we are improving our users lives with Strowz Savings Buckets:

Earn 2% and grow your money

You can see an example of monthly and annual returns here. There are no additional conditions, such as minimum notice period or maximum deposit amount.

A new way to save and take control over your financial life

A simple and immersive App to enable you to create your Savings Buckets in 2 steps. Select automated savings feature to intelligently save or manual deposits depending on your preference. Track your individual Savings Buckets and withdraw at anytime.

Organise your financial life

Whether you are planning to buy a house in the next 2 years, getting married in 2021, or travelling to Greece next summer, savings should be about living your dreams. Strowz helps you save and dream every day by creating your Savings Buckets and organising your financial life based on 8 savings categories.

8 Savings categories on Strowz Concierge

We want you to live a richer life by Strowzing your dream savings and making it a reality.

You can download Strowz App from App Store or Google Play and start creating your first Savings Bucket to live your dreams.

With love & hope,

Catherine 🌸