Why save now?

Why save now?

This lockdown has had meaningful impact on all of us in our daily lives. Most importantly, what it means to be safe and healthy and have sense of caring and sharing for our loved ones and our community.

This unique event in our history has offered us the opportunity to step back and reflect on what is important to us.

One thing is for sure, human race is resilient and will bounce back sooner than later, and probably bounce back in ways that are different than before this unforeseen event.

Are we going to stop living?

No. We might live differently though, with a sense of purpose.

Life Events Concierge on Strowz

We will continue to buy our next house, look for our dream job, travel to new destinations, have weddings and babies.

Clearly, our needs will need more planning and savings.

Probably the need to budget, plan and track our savings will be more critical than ever now.

Savings Buckets on Strowz

We will need savings Apps like Strowz to help us realise those savings plans and dreams, maintaining a sense of control in uncertain times and securing the best rates to grow our savings for the future.

You can download Strowz App from App Store or Google Play and start creating your first Savings Bucket.

With love & hope,

The Strowz Team 🌸