“Invest from £10” is now live on web – Account deposit rewards!

“Invest from £10” is now live on web – Account deposit rewards!

We are very pleased that our “invest from £10” product is now live on our web platform!

What this means: you can invest £10, £1000 or £25,000 or more and still get the same % of performance for your investment! Want to give it a go? Simply log-in or sign up to try it out!

How this works: we bring all the investments together in one large investment pot that gets allocated to the respective MarketsFlow High Growth, Growth or ISA specific portfolio. This ensures that with the help of our intelligent MarketsFlow platform, to guide us in our buying and selling shares, stocks, options (where appropriate) etc we can make the most of the combined amount in the investment pot.

We call it optimising everyone’s investment in a uniquely intelligent, digital way! For each account the returns are a % of the total portfolio return, relevant to the amount they have funded their MF account with. You can read more about our accessible portfolios and why they are so important here.

This is how everyone who invests with MarketsFlow can make the most of their money, no matter how big or small the amount.

To make this product even better we have added immediate rewards to all accounts! As a thank you for opening your account and because we are all about returns – we will deposit a free “bonus” amount on top of your investment! The returns will be calculated on your deposit + the bonus amount to help you achieve your goals a little faster.

So, if you open an account with £2000 MarketsFlow will deposit an extra “bonus” £25 to your account.

If you open an account with £50, MarketsFlow will deposit an extra “bonus” £0.38 to your account.

You can see all the rewards you can get for different deposit amounts here.

And this is just our first stage of rewards! We are planning several more reward schemes and a referral reward program for our clients which will be implemented gradually over the next few months!

You can access our “invest from £10” accessible portfolios on our web platform by logging-in and funding your account via a bank transfer. The funds will currently take about 1-3 days to get authorised for your account and allocated to your selected portfolio. The duration of this depends on the time it takes for UK and International transfers to appear in the MarketsFlow bank account.

We know that many of our clients prefer the mobile app, so we are working on getting it ready as soon as possible! The current timeframe is towards the end of next week and we will send everyone a notification that the app is live and ready to use!

As a next step we will also be adding a fund your account via card option to our system. This should be a simpler and quicker way to fund your account and we are expecting it to be live within the next month or so.

If you need help in funding your account, we have an “Invest from £10 product info page where you can see the funding sequence with the respective screen-shots, our rewards table and the GIA Investment account and Stocks and Shares ISA account fees.

We have also created a webinar for the launch of our “invest from £10” product. You can watch it here if you want to find out more about the product and MarketsFlow’s future plans.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We’ll be happy to help!

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